1. Purpose:


To ensure property found on site, or left within Tigers Indoor Play Ltd premises is dealt with consistently and in accordance with both internal service standards and the Office of Fair Trading guidance.


  1. Applicability and Scope:

This policy applies to anybody entering Tigers Indoor Play Ltd premises and should be used when property is found or has been left behind. The property may belong to staff, customers, their children, contractors or members of the general public.

  1. Definitions:


  1. Lost Property is anything not belonging to Tigers Indoor Play Ltd which is left on Tigers Indoor Play Ltd premises.


  1. Personal items of value are items left on the premises which contain personal or sensitive information and/or information from which an individual might be identified e.g., Passport, Birth certificate, cheque book, cash or secure container (purse or wallet) likely to contain valuables, Credit/Debit card, Driving Licence, Bank statements, mobile phone / IPad etc. (This is an indicative but not exhaustive list).



  1. Lost Property:


Property found on Tigers Indoor Play Ltd grounds and handed in will be logged by staff On Duty or the Reception Team (whoever it is handed in to). All unclaimed items, which are not personal items of value that can be returned to an originator e.g. the DVLA, will be kept for one month. After this time any item not collected will be disposed of, and where possible, will be donated to charity.


For security reasons, we will attempt to make contact with the issuing bank, but if there is no success, all bank cards handed in will be securely destroyed immediately.


All staff have a responsibility to hand in any personal items of value which they find on Tigers Indoor Play Ltd premises.


Tigers Indoor Play Ltd staff, where practicable, have a responsibility to maintain a log of lost property found and to make every effort to trace the owner. Any personal items of value found will be placed in the secure storage area to await collection for up to a maximum of one month.





  1. Disposal Policy:


Where possible, any items being disposed of will be sent for recycling or taken to local charity shops. Where items may contain sensitive data (laptops, phones etc.) they will be disposed of in accordance with Tigers Indoor Play Ltd Policy on the disposal of sensitive data. Items deemed of significant value will be handed in to the local Police. Due to health and safety, items containing food or drink, or be of a personal use item (such as dummies or teething rings) will be disposed of immediately.


Any cash found and not claimed will be donated to the Paradise Wildlife Park Charity, and used in the support of maintaining the health and welfare of Tigers in captivity.


  1. Collection of Lost Property:


Anyone wishing to collect lost property needs to arrange this directly with the Senior Team at Tigers Indoor Play Ltd. Small items, if requested and funded by the owner, may be posted. Tigers Indoor Play Ltd will however, not accept any responsibility for items that may be lost in the post. Owners that wish to have items sent by recorded delivery will incur an additional charge.




Appendix A


Tigers Indoor Play Ltd Lost Property Process:


All items found on Tigers Indoor Play Ltd property are to be kept in the building, for ONE MONTH, from the end of the current month they are found in.

If it is possible to identify the owner, the Company will attempt contact the owner via phone or email or social media. This contact will be logged on the lost property log and initiated by Company Staff. Collection of Lost Property items can be made during normal business hours, as listed on our website at; www.tigersplay.co.uk


Anyone who has lost something should contact Tigers Indoor Play Ltd to establish if their item has been found and logged. If items have been located, the owner will be informed about when and where they can collect the items.


Items with Personal ID, with the exception of bank cards, will be returned to the appropriate bodies if not claimed after one month (e.g. DVLA, passport office etc.).

For security reasons bank cards may be securely disposed of immediately, see note at section 4.


All other items will be kept by Tigers Indoor Play Ltd lost property for one month, if after this time the property is not collected it will be recycled, sent to a charity shop or destroyed if it contains sensitive data, in accordance with section 5 of this policy.